Letter from Mark Schmid

Hello, and welcome to the University of Chicago’s Office of Investment’s website.

Unlike most investment firms, the University and its affiliates are our sole clients, and every action that we take works to strengthen the future of this already stellar institution. Our top-tier investment professionals understand the significance of working for higher education, and the importance of our fiduciary responsibility to the University of Chicago.

Our office consists of six investment teams that manage various specialized needs in regards to the University’s $14 billion in investment assets. An Investment Committee oversees key decisions that we make in order to ensure that our strategy adheres to the University’s best interests. Because we all have the same end goal, this seamless collaboration is a team effort that leads to better relationships with managers and companies.

When we invest for the University, we are investing in the University’s future. And just like the University of Chicago, the Investment Office’s reach extends around the world.

I invite you to read more about our individual teams, and to contact us if you are interested in working with our office. Thank you.

Mark Schmid
Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
Office of Investments
The University of Chicago