Investment Committee

Committee Members

John Liew, AB'89, MBA'94, PhD'95, Chair
AQR Capital Management, LLC

Andrew M. Alper, AB'80, MBA'81
Alper Investments Inc.

Debra A. Carfaro, JD'82                                                                          Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

E. David Coolidge III
Vice Chairman
William Blair & Company

Brady W. Dougan, AB'81, MBA'82
Credit Suisse Group AG

Sanford J. Grossman, AB'73, AM'74, PhD'75
Chairman and CEO
Quantitative Financial Strategies, Inc.

John W. Rogers Jr., Lab'76
Chairman and CEO
Ariel Investments, LLC

Andrew M. Rosenfield, JD'78
Managing Partner
Guggenheim Partners

Steve G. Stevanovich, AB'85, MBA'90
SGS Group of Companies

Donald R. Wilson, Jr., AB'88
CEO, Partner
DRW Trading Group

UCMC Board Representative

Brien M. O’Brien
Chairman and CEO
Advisory Research Inc.

Ex Officio Members

Robert J. Zimmer
The University of Chicago

Joseph Neubauer, MBA'65                                                                       Chairman of the Board of Trustees

University Officer

Mark A. Schmid
Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
The University of Chicago