The Strategy Team, led by Que Nguyen, oversees the broad investment strategy and looks at long-term strategic objectives and decisions. Our role is unique because we understand that the overall strategy of the endowment has to be tailored to the University’s mission and future, not just considered as an isolated structure.

Additionally, we manage the short-term, interim market portfolio and see that it’s always in compliance with our investment guidelines. We also provide a place for investment opportunity discussions across asset classes and the impact of decisions on the entire portfolio.

Together, through well-informed and structured rebalancing decisions, we work to create consistent incremental returns and better risk management, and we partner closely with the University’s Financial Services team to determine the best long-term strategy for the University’s endowment.


Strategy Team

Que Nguyen
Managing Director of Strategy
BA, Harvard College

Prakhar Bansal, CFA
Director of Strategy
MBA, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
MS, Ohio State University
B. Tech, Indian Institute of Technology