Investment Management

The Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the investment of the University's investment assets including the endowment, pensions, and other related assets. The committee’s all-volunteer members, most of whom have significant professional experience managing investments, are trustees of the University.

The University's endowment is largely invested in the Total Return Investment Pool (TRIP). Under the oversight of the Investment Committee, our staff employs an investment strategy for TRIP in the context of a Total Enterprise Asset Management (TEAM) approach. The TEAM approach seeks to evaluate the investment strategy as an integrated part of the operating plans of the University rather than in isolation and focuses on the entire enterprise’s success, not just TRIP investment returns. TEAM accomplishes this by understanding the common economic drivers of the University’s financial position and the investment markets and, from there, analyzing the trade-off between short-term operating risk and long-term wealth accumulation in the enterprise. Informed by this analysis, the committee reviews and approves TRIP's risk positioning and asset allocation.

The endowment, managed by a staff of investment professionals, is well-diversified among a variety of asset classes, including global stocks and bonds, real estate, natural resources, private equity, private debt, hedge funds and protection (tail-hedging strategies). The Investment Office achieves asset class exposure primarily by selecting and engaging external managers.