James Sweeney

Graduation Year: 2017
Summer and Academic Year 2015 Intern


The Office of Investments is a fantastic place to jump into the world of investment and better understand how this industry operates. Regardless of whether you join during the summer or academic year, the time here will be busy. While working for the Office of Investments, I have gotten to sit in on manager meetings, carry out fund due diligence, and map out investment opportunities for alternative investments. The work has been interesting and certainly contributed to the greater function of the Endowment. Thanks to this positon, I know have a much clearer understanding of Institutional Investment and the complex decisions that go into investment and risk analysis of new ventures.

Though the work has been incredibly interesting, I find the people who I work with to be the greatest asset of this internship. The team here is incredibly supportive and truly wants to see you grow throughout your tenure. For example, over the course of the summer, every asset class hosted an educational lunch to teach me how they structured investments so that I could learn more about their group and the Endowment Fund as a whole.

Advice to Future Interns

This is a fantastic place to work if you would like to learn about institutional investment, while raising money for an organization that you believe in.  I recommend asking questions and getting to know everyone you work with. It is amazing how many people are experts in their field and how willing they are to take the time to answer your questions. Don’t be afraid to be inquisitive and reach out, as you will gain so much more from this job if you are proactive.

Other Internships

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