Connor Chapman

Graduation Year: 2019
Summer and Academic Year 2017 Intern


Interning at the Office of Investments has given me invaluable exposure to finance. One of the most beneficial aspects of the internship is the fact that when I come in every day, I feel as though my work is actually making a difference. This is because when I am assigned to a new project, the importance of my work to the daily activities of the Office is communicated to me before I get started. Furthermore, through these projects I have experienced what it is like to work in finance, from learning how to interpret financial statements to interacting with fund managers. The Office is a friendly environment and people are always willing to speak with us and share their expertise and experience. Additionally, the Office has offered me unique exposure to the process by which successful endowments allocate resources, scheduling time for interns to meet with the professionals who oversee the University’s investments in every asset class. Throughout my internship experience, I have constantly learned new skills and new information.  The Office of Investments has been the perfect introduction to finance.

Advice to Future Interns

Familiarize yourself with Excel, even a basic familiarity will help you perform tasks more efficiently. Be sure to pay attention to detail. And be attentive! As you do more research for a potential career in finance, many of the higher-level goals and duties of the Office of Investments come into clearer focus as well. This is important because it allows you to gain more value from the experience.