Trevor Coyle

Graduation Year: 2015
Academic Year 2013 and 2014 Intern



My internship at the Office of Investments has equipped me well for a career in finance. As an academic year intern, my typical week involves cleaning databases and preparing data ranging from derivative positions to the effective liquidity of private partnership and hedge fund investments. Everyone in the office takes the time to explain to me the big picture of my work, and I now have a strong understanding of the benefits, risks, and quirks of investing in alternative assets. The office also boasts experts in every field of alternative assets, making this an ideal internship for anyone interested in private equity, hedge funds, or other similar institutions.

The work environment is friendly and supportive. The Operations team puts a lot of effort into developing its interns, and everyone across the floor wants to hear about your classes and vacation plans. I have developed strong relationships that I hope to maintain and feel well prepared for a career in finance.

Advice to Future Interns

I would suggest taking an intermediate to advanced Excel class online prior to starting—strong quantitative skills will expand the types of projects you can work on. I have found that clear communication with your colleagues is important, especially for academic year interns who are in the office less than 20 hours a week. Finally, ask questions about the types of funds our university invests in—the internship is a great opportunity to develop a buy-side perspective on the financial markets and alternative assets.

Other Internships

Credit Suisse AG, Summer 2014
Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Summer 2013
Lourd Capital Management, Summer 2012
Waterline Partners, Summer 2010

Jobs Since Graduation

Analyst, Mergers and Acquisitions at Credit Suisse (2015 – Present)