Adrian Di Meo

Statistics, 2020
Summer and Academic Year 2017 


Interning at the Office of Investments helped me develop a unique understanding of the University of Chicago, and how it funds the programs, initiatives, and buildings that shape our campus. Assisting with the annual audit, investigating the fee structures of our various investments, and integrating new data visualization software programs were just a handful of the exciting projects I worked on during my time as an intern.  Many of my tasks involved creating my own solutions, so I felt like I was always learning new skills. The Office of Investments is a collaborative work environment, and I had many engaging discussions with managing directors, risk officers, and analysts who were open to help me with any projects I happened to be working on.

Spending my summer with the Office of Investments helped me develop practical financial skills that compliment my liberal arts education. The people I met, the skills I developed, and the tasks I completed encouraged me to further explore the financial industry.

Advice to Future Interns

Ask questions! This may be your first experience with institutional investing, so do not be afraid to ask for clarification if you do not initially understand a task. The Operations team is eager to help its interns learn as much as they can about how the endowment is managed. In addition, get to know your coworkers. The office is filled with brilliant individuals who can help you learn more about the specific roles in finance that best suit your strengths and interests.

Other Internships

Cork Capital, Academic year 2016-2017