Juliana Tu

Statistics, Public Policy
Graduation Year: 2019
Academic Year 2017-19 Intern



I started working as a Metcalf intern in the Investments Office during the 2017/18 school year. At the time, the office was implementing Tableau, a data visualization software platform. My previous internship experience had been working on the government agency side of the Peace Corps, where I gained experience doing projects that required data visualization. I had skills the Investments Office needed.

After the school year, I worked fulltime for Investments over the summer. I returned for eight hours a week this year. I make graphs and build data dashboards for the office. Senior Project Manager Emily Patel has given me a lot of guidance.

Using data the way we do makes the investment process more efficient. I can see how my work adds value to the team and I am definitely building skills. Investments aren’t my career interest, but I know the work I do is important, and I’ve been exposed to the impact data analysis can have in this environment.


Advice to Future Interns

The way you learn to do things is by doing them.

The Investments Office is a good place to learn. The people are friendly, the job is interesting. I like working at the University, knowing where the money goes, how it works. It affects the lives of everyone.