Danielle Tarigha

Economics and Psychology, 2020
Summer and Academic Year 2017 Intern


My experience at the Office of Investments has played a significant role in helping me to develop my knowledge, interest, and skills involving finance. Through this internship, I have had the opportunity to work on engaging projects with the Operations team that are meaningful learning experiences for me while relevant and useful for the team. In particular, being able to discuss the results of my work with my supervisors has been instrumental in helping me to understand the types of financial concepts, documents, and vocabulary that I will handle throughout my career. With each task that I have been presented with, I have been able to challenge myself to learn quickly and effectually, develop useful skills in Excel, thoroughly analyze financial documents, synthesize data, and gain a deeper understanding of the endowment that benefits and supports a University I am proud to attend.

Advice to Future Interns

Be inquisitive! If you don’t understand an aspect of what you are working on, take the time to write down your questions and ask. I learned early on in my time at the Office of Investments that it is important to ask about everything, even if it seems to be a minor detail. It helps you to develop a more detail-oriented approach to the work you do and ensures that you maximize the amount you learn in every project you work on. This internship is an excellent learning opportunity for students interested in working in finance, so do not be afraid to reach out.