Jolyn Yao

Economics, 2012
Academic Year 2011-12 Intern


The Office of Investments internship experience was great. I worked on high-touch, impactful projects and felt like I made quantifiable and important contributions to the operations team. The internship program itself is extremely flexible – you’re never discouraged to branch out beyond your main projects if you see a good learning opportunity.

During the internship, I learned plenty about how we manage the University’s endowment and the different kinds of investments. However, the best skills learned (that I use today as well) are the soft skills in project management. I never felt micro-managed and I had a lot of say in how I would approach a problem and complete my work. Everyone at the office takes your input seriously and you can make a huge impact if you try.

Advice to Future Interns

Get to know everyone who works at the office, even if you don’t work with them directly on your projects! Everyone you meet will be friendly and open to chatting with you about work, career advice, or just personal interests.

Other Internships

Google BOLD, Summer 2011
Nissan Finance, Summer 2010

Jobs Since Graduation

Technical Product Expert at Google (2015 – Present)
Platform Specialist at Google (2015 – 2015)
Solutions Consultant at Google (2012 – 2014)